An independent project sponsored by Alternative Fuels Americas (AFAI)

feedstock for aviation biofuel
feedstock for aviation biofuel

Welcome to Project Jetropha

Welcome to Project Jetropha, an independent project sponsored by Alternative Fuels Americas (AFAI) to help realize the establishment of Jatropha as a primary feedstock for aviation biofuel. Our goal is to establish the network and knowledge necessary to bring large quantities of "Jetropha" to the market. The demand is there, as leading airlines such as KLM, United and Virgin have all made commitments to incorporating green fuel into their fuel supply paradigm. Alongside AFAI we can commercialize large quantities of jet biofuel.

Project Jetropha provides small and mid-sized biofuels companies and related entities with a platform for collaboration, dialogue, exposure and advocacy.

Our primary emphasis is on Jatropha derived biofuel for the aviation sector, but Project Jetropha is an open biofuels forum. Our Facebook page is available to all and we encourage companies to seek ways connect with other entities so as to combine knowledge, resources and contacts that enhance the prospects for success and by extension, we believe strengthen the green energy sector and promote success within our industry.

Our Credo recognizes that assisting one another strengthens ourselves as only through unity can we adequately represent the breakthroughs and progress we collectively represent. Our FAQs share our intent and how we work in greater detail.

We have no fees or membership dues. We are purely a by-the-industry for-the-industry effort. Join Us by sharing your information so that we may post it on this website, and join the dialogue through our Facebook page.